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$5 per class, pay by the class.
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Things to bring: mat, hand towel and water. We have a few extra mats  and blocks if you are a new student.


What do our unique Vinyasa Flow classes offer you?


Our classes are challenging yet accessible to all. Some benefits:

  • Reduce stress and tension.
  • Strengthen and lengthen every major muscle group in your body, including core and and upper-body.
  • A good sweat. There is considerable new research on the benefits of regular sweating. Google it.
  • Many students report improved tone, balance, circulation, digestion and greater immunity to illness.

Flow, not work. Flow is a state of high achievement that is generally experienced when you are challenged in a specific way. You will learn to use your breath and body awareness to help you enter flow at will. In doing so your class won't feel like "work." Flow is marked by a sense of ease and time passing quickly, "It's over already?"


Students report increased mental and emotional clarity. We help you improve clarity in two specific ways:

  1. Focus. You will practice focusing your awareness on breath, body and gaze. In the distracting age of the iPhone, this is a critical skill to refine. By focusing away from impulses and thoughts you get helpful distance from them.
  2. Silence. With some space between you and your thoughts and impulses, we allow for silence in class. In silence it's easy to see that automatic responses to thoughts/impulses can be replaced with new choices.

Gentle Yoga (No Heat) 

This hour class blends mindfulness, breath/body awareness with balancing postures and floor postures. Leave feeling not sweaty, stretched out and mentally clear.

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom. —Unattributed, used by Stephen Covey.