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Lauren Lewey


Why are you passionate about yoga?

Lauren is passionate about yoga because it opened her to Life's possibilities and in ways she couldn't have imagined. The realization that in every posture in every situation and in every moment I could regurgitate the same thoughts over and over or I could find ease in my breath and body awareness blew me away. I actually began living in the NOW moment, the only place life exists. Where possibilities are endless! It seeped out into every aspect of my life.

After teaching all over Alabama for three years in all different groups whether it be college athletes, wounded warriors or the everyday studio class.. she saw this practice can be modified to every body. Lauren opened FireFly July 2014.



Lauren has spent 2 years in a comprehensive study of Radical Inquiry and training in Loves Breath with Jayem Hammer from Way of Mastery.
(Weekly training as well as 5 weeks of hands on training in Sante Fe)
These modalities (deep breathing meditation and radical inquiry) help to awaken us out of our unconscious patterns (which lead to stress, tension, and anxiety) and into deeper peace, presence and our true nature, Love. If interested in sessions with her contact her directly at leweylauren@yahoo.com

*Certified by Baron Baptiste and 500 hour Certified by Live Love Teach

Stephanie Faulk

IMG 1479

Why are you passionate about yoga?

Yoga helped transform me physically, mentally and spiritually. Physically I am in the best shape of my life. Mentally through this practice I am aware of breath and body awareness which allows me to be present in each and every moment instead of rehashing and worrying about past/future. Because of this I feel ALIVE and see myself and everyone else in a whole new light! I love the community connection the studio provides and am so happy I can share my passion at FireFly! 

*200 hr. certified by Live Love Teach


Casey Kelly

CASEYStudio Manager

Why are you passionate about yoga?

I am passionate about practicing and teaching Yoga because it helped me when I was at rock bottom. I had severe panic attacks on nearly a daily basis because of my fears of the future. Yoga helped to bring awareness into the present instead of lost in anxiety about what might happen later on. It was so life changing that it's become my life's purpose.

-300 hr certified by Live Love Teach

Aisha Hammett

IMG 4121Why are you passionate about yoga?

Aisha loves the practice of Yoga and the ability to apply it on the mat and in everday Life. Through the practice of Presence I have the tools to stay grounded when challenges arise. Just like the postures in our practice, life can present challenges...We have all felt that. The Breath is always here to carry us through and guide us back into the Present moment.


Certified by Live Love Teach 300 hours