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Do you have anxiety, stress, just the feeling of unease ?

These 2 modalities (Radical Inquiry and Love's Breath) are helpful in discovering the root of what we might call the "issue" and can help you rediscover a deeper Peace, ease and joy! After all that's what Life is about! Contact Lauren for a session (inquiry sessions are also available via Skype if you are not in   Enterprise area)

What is Radical Inquiry?

Inquiry is just that: IN-quiry. It is a turning of attention and curiosity inwards towards yourself and towards the truth of your nature. It is a practice of redirecting attention away from outward objects, events and towards the experiences within your body and being. Lauren will guide you through a series of questions that helps you uncover your inner knowing and deeper connection to your inner navigation system. Often human beings suffer because of the habit of operating based on other people's happiness, other people's opinions, worries and concerns or held onto guilt, rage, or anger...and have lost connection to our true nature. Uncover the joy of reconnecting! Only you have your answer, and the questions point you to that discovery! Eventually this inward focus can open up into deeper and deeper realities that are beyond description.

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What is Love's Breath meditation?

Love's breath meditation (also called belly breathing or diaphragmatic breathing-you can google it) is a way of returning to our natural way of breathing. It is deeply relaxing and helps to relax the nervous system and body. 

Have you ever watched a baby or your dog or cat breathe? What do you notice? Probably a lot of 3-dimensional expansive movement around the abdomen and whole body. Our breath should naturally move us, and it did—before society trained us to breathe inefficiently.

What were we told as we got older? Suck it in and squeeze your belly. We wore tight clothes that restrict breathing. As we get older, many of us unintentionally trained ourselves out of the most efficient and natural method of breathing—diaphragmatic. 

With poor breathing habits, gas exchange is not efficient. This means that our cells are not getting the nutrients they need at the best rate. When trillions of cells are not happy, we can feel unhappy, with lethargy and brain fog in the short term, along with chronic health problems in the long term. Retraining ourselves to breathe with the diaphragm more can lead to natural vitality and well-being."

$25 per 50 minute session.

Lauren has spent the last 2 years in a comprehensive study/training of Radical Inquiry and Love's breath meditation. And 5 weeks of hands on training in Sante Fe

She looks forward to extending these tools that changed her life to you!